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Sounds like today, tight enough.

It is Sunday, and I am getting shit done.



Well we’re all going to die.

I, for one, welcome our new terrifying mechanical bovine overlords.

These things are beyond fascinating, beyond terrifying, beyond … well, just beyond.

TFE: So very tired of my social networks –

I am experiencing an acute onset of social network fatigue these days. No discernible single cause, no distinct bad experience that stands out as spoiling things for me. No, I am just tired of so many places to put things, and so many places to check for…

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So i know i run dwarves differently than most GMs

but it seriously makes more sense to me than a patriarchy because imagine this - you exist in a culture with no outward indication of gender that places enormous value on caves and mining

and you finally leave and meet these weird tall people

and as you’re exchanging words and whatnot they’re all

"Where are your women?"

And you’re like, “what is a woman?”

and they say, “the weaker gender, beardless and gentle”

and you say “We have none”

because of course you don’t, you’re DWARVES

And the tall ones ask “Where do you come from?”

And you reply “Caves” because it is true both ways, you live in caves and you are born of those dwarves that carry caves within themselves, the most sacred of dwarves

and the tall people shrug and let it go because who cares, hide your women, they just want the trade agreements

and nobody ever realizes they were speaking to the women all along

This is a most excellent little piece.

I can’t help but feel an inherent sadness at the sight of a young bride standing alone on the sidewalk outside a small-town bar at one o’ clock in the morning, staring vacantly down the dark and empty street. I wonder if this is how she imagined the evening would go.

Art is not a mirror - it is a hammer.
John Grierson (via amandapalmer)



For the probably lovely older lady at the coffee shop in my neighborhood who thought she was being supportive when she told me how nice it was that I babysit my daughter I’ve put together a list of ten ways you can tell I am not my daughter’s babysitter.


It is no secret that Minnesota’s venerable August Schell Brewing Company has been hard at work in recent years to break out of their regional niche and demand the respect they deserve in the craft beer scene. A lot goes into an effort like that, starting with the explosion of exciting new brewing projects that have been rolling off their bottling line over the past two years, with no sign of slowing down. The family-run business has made it clear that while the brewery is more than halfway through its second century, the brewing culture in those red brick buildings is every bit as exciting and creative as the newest breweries opening up in every corner of this great brewing state.

But they are also putting plenty of thought and effort into the marketing side. “Re-branding” is not the right word here: I would say rather they are focused on re-presenting the Schell’s brand to new and wider audiences, and their active use of social media like Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook has been increasingly impressive (to this writer at least) over the past twelve months or so. And the above photo, which they posted on their Facebook page earlier today, made me take my hat off to whoever is behind the account. 

This, I think, is simply great social media marketing: showcasing the annual release of a known and loved seasonal product, while a long-rumored but as-yet unannounced new release just casually hangs out in the background of the shot, eliciting a flood of “What is that?!?!?!?” comments from fans within minutes. I am no marketing expert in any sense, but I think that is a fine way to generate “buzz” for a product, and I know I will be cycling over to the store the very day those lovely-looking bottles of Schell’s Fresh Hop land on the shelves, whenever that may be.